Friday, December 19, 2014


It was a night full of promise
When you stopped by my place
Under the glaring streetlight
Creating a comforting haze
Casting out of the shadow
Your chiseled, pale face
Which I used to ignore
But I now start to adore.

You asked me to stride
Side by side with you
And just stomp on every path
Our feet will lead us to
And just let the night slip
As unhurriedly so
And give way for December's cold
To sting its way through.

We sailed in the night
With bouts of banter
Filling the air
With quips and laughter
And as you probe on things
About my shrouded near past
I told you it was nothing
But a long and dull drag.

I heard you chuckle
And heave a sigh of relief
And you slipped a grin
That spoke of mischief
I then shot you questions
That pierced through your soul
And you shot me back
Full of vengeful fervor.

Layer after layer
We stripped ourselves off
Until our hard, blunt core
Is all there is to be spared
Sans all pretense
And sly illusions
I saw your pure heart
And truthful intentions.
You spoke your mind
With humble conviction
And judged not my acts
And all imperfections.

Your soothing voice
Is all that resonated
In that very moment
I saw hope unraveled
That maybe this time
Things will fall into place
That I'll stop playing my cards
With such a careless haste
And stop freeing pretty words
That barely speak of the case
And cease doing things
Out of whim and pure jape.

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